What Others Say About A Beautiful Death

First Prize Winner!! 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Book Awards.
“The author earns our admiration early, and it just keeps on going. Beautifully done.”
—Judge Comments, 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Book Awards

“A brave and soulful account of death…very inspiring.”
“Perfect combination of practicality and spirituality.”
“Plain-spoken and eloquent.”
—Judge Comments, 2014 Living Now Awards, Gold Medal Winner, Evergreen Award

“With great skill, wisdom, and grace, the author shares a story that is both heart wrenching and heartwarming…. Sometimes her language leaves the reader swooning, with appreciation for the artful way she has written them and because they pierce right through to your soul. If I knew anyone going through this experience, I would highly recommend this book—but it’s also a fabulous read for anyone, as we will all face the situation at some point in our lives, and Ms. Eckl paves the way for it to be an enriching experience. I read it through to the end, savoring every word.”
—Judge Comments, 19th Annual Writer’s Digest Book Awards

“We all will experience the death of loved ones, and one day, we will also die. Knowing this, how fortunate we are to have people like Cheryl Lafferty Eckl who are willing to open their hearts to us and help us ready ourselves—guiding us to a place where we can grieve, unashamed of our tears, and be certain that beyond our pain there is a place of deep knowing that love never dies.”
—Kristine Morris, Spirituality & Health

“Cheryl Lafferty Eckl is doing the work of a Warrior in the World. A Beautiful Death does far more than simply honor those of our beloveds who have passed; it is a sacred vessel that provides healing, equanimity, acceptance, and rest for all of those who have lost or are losing another. In fact, after exploring Cheryl’s profound work, we find that we have not lost anything at all.”
—Brandon P. Thompson, Global Faculty, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

Deeply Courageous and Honest
“I think we are all encountering losses in our lives of all kinds as we move into new phases and attempt to keep up with the 21st century. The principles Cheryl shares are fundamental and real and can be applied across the board, if we are as courageous and honest with ourselves as she has been in her book.” S. H.

Dramatically Inspiring
“This book was a life-changing experience for me. It is a beautiful love story and a final walk together that could not have been more authentic. It inspired me to reignite my own spiritual walk with God and to strive to love others more deeply because the relationships we have in life are very precious. Thank you for sharing this very personal experience of your lives with us. This book is its own work of art. I highly recommend reading it.” E. F.

An Inspiring Account of Faith and Courage
“A Beautiful Death is an amazingly honest and heartfelt account of a vibrant young couple suddenly confronted with a diagnosis/prognosis of the imminent death of the husband due to terminal cancer. The most moving part for me was Stephen’s spiritual strength. Over time he came to find a deep peace and even moments of joyous expectation of the beautiful spiritual life that awaited him. This is a book packed with soul lessons that we all can learn from, written by a woman who is courageous enough to let the public into her private ordeal, knowing that others will benefit when they face their own trials in life.” B. B.

Five Stars
“If this isn’t our story, it could be. And, Cheryl and Stephen’s discovery of how death can be beautiful brings comfort and hope to all who are dealing with a terminal illness. This book is a must read for psychologists, grief counselors, the medical community, and hospice administrators and workers nationwide.” B. G.

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