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About Your Wise Inner Counselor

Inner Wisdom—Higher Self—Inner Teacher—Still Small Voice. Whatever you call it, partnership with your Wise Inner Counselor is a powerful key to your unfolding path of self-realization. Achieving that unity is a matter of trust and practiced listening to this inner voice that always speaks for Love.
Unleashing the Joy of Self-Transcendence

To be truly joyful is to be free of doubt and fully engaged in each day—not as if it were your last, but as if it were your first, marvelous, astonishing moment of realization that you are alive and present—right now, today. Running the race for the sheer exhilaration of being here can unlock a whole new world of experience.
Stepping into the Beauty of Your Soul

Experience your soul’s innate beauty through the inspiring work of mystical poetess Cheryl Lafferty Eckl—who writes in the ecstatic tradition of Rumi, Hafiz & LiPo. Learn how your own SoulPoetics is the greatest gift you can give to the world.
Embracing Life’s Final Journey

Facing death—either your own or that of someone you love—can be the worst thing that ever happens to you. It can also be your most important life experience because of what it teaches you about the generosity of the human heart, and about the unimaginable blessings that can flow to you and through you when you accept death as a natural part of life.
Rising from the Ashes of Endings

As the phoenix myth tells us, something of the old must pass away for rebirth to occur. We cannot force new life to blossom, but we can create an environment that nurtures its growth. Igniting the creative spark and allowing it to flourish is the surest way to discover what comes next—and to live as the resilient Self you truly are.
Loving Your Way Through Loss

On the bridge across the roiling waters of loss that connects what was with what will be, we learn to rest in Love. Because, ultimately, Love will call us across. And in that faith, we learn that bereavement can be a healing process—even as it threatens to overwhelm us. Staying with the flow of grief is the key—and you are wired to do just that.
Making LIGHT of Change

What would happen if you decided to sit with the uncertainty of the Unknown that presents itself when things change? Who might you become if you were to welcome change’s ambiguity and approach it as an explorer setting off on a new adventure? Discover how the “Middle of Nowhere” can become the “Beautiful Now Here” when you step into life’s great mysteries.
Tapping into Nature’s Healing Power

Nature is delighted that you have senses—portals to receive her wisdom, unconditional love, and innate harmony that flow in eternal spirals of life creating and re-creating itself. Ever expanding and ever unfolding, Mother Nature seeks to extend her abundance to every living creature. Even Darwin understood that Nature is born of Love and that healing can happen when you welcome her loving embrace.
Doing Great Work in Any Occupation

Doing Great Work is a series of reflections on behaviors & attitudes that matter in any occupation. No matter where or how you are employed, these articles are dedicated to you as you strive to bring your best efforts to all aspects of your work & life. Together, lets dig beneath the surface of job descriptions and titles to the essence of what makes work great—and what makes you great at home & away.