Are You a Self-Transcender?

Do your transcendent experiences and illuminations bring clearer vision of intrinsic values—of the ideal, of what ought to be, what actually could be, and of what might be brought to pass?

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Survey your self-transcendence

Print out and complete this simple survey to gain some insight into what characteristics of self-transcenders apply to you.

Points to remember when completing the profile:

You will notice that page 2 includes symptoms that psychologist/researcher Abraham Maslow called “meta-pathologies.” These are spiritual/existential ailments that can afflict self-transcenders whose life circumstances, environment, or personal psychology may be holding them back from fully experiencing self-transcendence.

Self-transcenders want more from life and are not content until they find that mysterious “something.” They are driven to experience life more transcendentally than their peers or environment are likely to support.

Many self-transcenders report that one or more of the meta-pathologies will come into their lives as a signal that it’s time to learn and grow, that a breakthrough is needed, or that a new experience of self-transcendence is right over the horizon.

 Be sure to read the Disclaimer at the bottom of page 2. This survey is for your information only.

Are You a Self-Transcender?  Take the Survey now.