Reflections on Being Your True Self in Any Situation book cover

Reflections on Being Your True Self

in Any Situation

Silver Award Winner – Nautilus Books Awards – Personal Growth & Self-Help Category

Have you ever longed for a friend who knows all your secrets and loves you anyway? Such a friend already exists within you as the still small voice of inner guidance, known as your Wise Inner Counselor or True Self.

This inner guide holds you in deep affection and always tells you the truth because that is its nature.

Your Wise Inner Counselor persistently urges you to be more trustworthy, more loving, more accomplished today than you were yesterday. It steadfastly points the way to your highest potential with faultless accuracy and offers creative solutions that are uniquely applicable to you.

When you accept the True Self’s unfailing guidance in limitless creativity, love and compassion, it will skillfully guide you through a world dizzied by the accelerating pace of ever-changing events.

I invite you to awaken the wise voice of Love that lives in your heart. Your life will never be the same.

Author Cheryl Lafferty Eckl is featured in the Nautilus Author Spotlight series on Vimeo (see below) for her Silver Award winning book: Reflections on Being Your True Self In Any Situation.  The prestigious Nautilus Book Awards highlight “better books for a better world.”

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