Reflections on Doing Your Great Work

in Any Occupation

The ability to contribute your unique gifts to the world is more essential now than ever before in history—for your own life and the lives of people you may not even know. The key to creating that life rests in the presence of your True Self, also known as the Wise Inner Counselor—the aspect of yourself that is most caring, honest, trustworthy and responsible.

For many years, I have pondered the mystery of how we tap into our personal greatness that is the essence of our True Self. At last, all of these ponderings are collected in a single book where I can share my reflections on the timeless principles, behaviors and attitudes that can help you become highly effective in any occupation.

I am delighted to invite you to dive into the great work that only you can accomplish. Discover how you can create a life of deep, lasting meaning and leave the world a better place in the process.

An excellent book for graduates and anyone who wants to achieve more personally and professionally.


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