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Reflections on Being Your True Self in Any Situation

Intriguing Concept and Great Read
“An intriguing book about how to tap into the wisdom of your inner self, which Cheryl calls the Wise Inner Counselor. Right from the get-go, I thought to myself, “Wow! This book isn’t anything like I thought it would be.” I had no idea that this book was to offer transformative, life-changing information to work with my psychology and my spirituality—two for the price of one.
“This book offers a person, especially someone who has not looked at themself as an evolving soul, ideas on how to tap into one’s inner wisdom. My only regret is that I didn’t know how to work with my Wise Inner Counselor when I was younger and working in my career path. I think my interpersonal and professional relationships would have been so much better and richer.” – L. D.


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A Most Rewarding Read
“Cheryl delivers a concise and beautiful message of the important relationship we need to cultivate between ourselves and our Wise Inner Counselor. I was impressed with the amazing life tools she suggests for the experience of a deeper and richer spiritual journey. Bravo!”


Ready to Read Again
“Right after I finished, I wanted to push ‘play’ again to listen again for the golden threads woven throughout.”


Reflections Doing Your Great Work in Any Occupation

Great Stories to Make a Point
“Cheryl Lafferty Eckl is genuinely a storyteller at her best. This book has such a wide variety of intriguing stories, I was captivated from start to finish. As if I were reading a novel, I didn’t want to put the book down. It is more than about doing your best work in an occupation; it is about living life to the fullest; about being authentic no matter what you are doing; putting forth your best effort through focus and excellence, and making what you do sacred by personalizing it. For your personal growth and soul development, in my opinion, this book is a must-read.” – D. C.


A Terrific Reference Manual
“I love that I received your books. I treasure them and am adding them to my collection. They really are a terrific reference manual on how to get anyone to do their greatest work and be their true self. It’s valuable to see the information presented so clearly and practically. I believe this information will help many unlock insights that would otherwise take them so long to confirm.” – MarieAntoinKelley


Comments from Judge, 30th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

All three of the books Ms. Eckl has entered are worthy of serious consideration as all three are not only on a professional level but a serious spiritual level, which makes their reading uplifting to any and every reader. She writes fluidly.


Reflections on Being Your True Self
The spiritual level is very high in that she herself has reached a certain level of spiritual understanding. Readers who also understand at a certain level or are striving to go there will appreciate this.


Reflections on Doing Your Great Work
In the metaphysical world, the Great Work is an alchemical term for the process of creating the philosopher’s stone or more broadly the spiritual path toward self-transcendence. The use of the term Great Work in this book may remind the reader that work can be used as a noble spiritual path—as the author seems to actually see it. Having operated in the management and training sphere, the author uses this arena and the stories she brings from that and from her life experiences to shine the light on workday work as a place to bring in more life and to opening up the true self. She uses many interesting stories to illustrate her points.


Reflections on Ineffable Love
Here in what we might call the third Reflections book of a trilogy (room for more), the author focuses on death and dying, starting with the immediate aftermath of her husband’s death from cancer—which, paradoxically is joy, his joy which he shares with her from beyond the veil. Can that happen? Well, it did. This is a lovely revelation for readers who do want to know more about death and what it reveals for the person left behind.

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