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Coming 2023-2024

Reflections on Self-Transcendence:

Creating Spirals of Illumination

4th Wise Inner Counselor book in the Personal Growth & Transformation category

Long-awaited and much-anticipated, I believe this book promises to be a thought-provoking addition to the Wise Inner Counselor series. Whether through illumination, promptings or warnings, the intention of this voice of inner guidance has always been transformation of the lesser self into the rich existence of the True Self….

Read more about this exciting new title, Reflections on Self-Transcendence, coming 2023.

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More New Audiobooks Coming 2023

Beginning in 2022 with the award winning book, Reflections on Being Your True Self in Any Situation and also with the companion, Reflections on Doing Great Work in Any Occupation book, our audiobook series was launched.  There are more audiobooks planned for your listening enjoyment in 2023 and 2024.