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Coming Fall 2022

Reflections on Self-Transcendence:

Every Day a New Awakening

4th Wise Inner Counselor book in the Personal Growth & Transformation category

Long-awaited and much-anticipated, I believe this book promises to be a thought-provoking addition to the Wise Inner Counselor series. Whether through illumination, promptings or warnings, the intention of this voice of inner guidance has always been transformation of the lesser self into the rich existence of the True Self….

Read more about this exciting new title, Reflections on Self-Transcendence, coming this fall 2022

Coming 2023

The Search for Ultima Thule sample book cover

The Search for Ultima Thule:
A Novel of Twin Flames Through Time

5th book in the Twin Flames Romance Novels category

Sarah and Kevin MacCauley and their Friends of Ancient Wisdom have celebrated the ascension of their dear friend, Ríosín, who left them with a brilliant legacy of inner wisdom to guide their future endeavors. Then, together with powerful spiritual forces, they triumphed over their ancient foes, Arán Bán and Una, in a battle that required all of their shared love, strength and perseverance.|

These days, they are hopeful of living less stressful lives for a while. But evil never sleeps. Now more subtle and potentially deadly challenges lurk behind smiles and reassurances designed to deceive even reembodied druids who have become modern-day adepts.

A community is only as strong as its weakest link. But who is that, and how will they play their parts in the ongoing drama of twin flames through time? Our champions of true love may be the last to know.

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Coming 2022-2023

Audiobooks coming 2022-2023

Beginning with the award winning book, Reflections on Being Your True Self in Any Situation, our plan is to have audiobooks for your listening enjoyment in 2023 or later in 2022.