What Others Say About A Beautiful Grief


First Prize Winner – inspirational category! – 20th annual Writer’s Digest Book Awards
2013 CIPA EVVY Award
2013 Nautilus Silver Award


Writer’s Digest Judge’s Commentary
“A Beautiful Grief is a lovely book that will both nurture and inspire those experiencing the loss of a loved one, but it would also appeal to anyone, as everyone knows someone experiencing grief. It’s an ideal format in that someone can pick it up and read one or two chapters relevant to their own process and go back again and again for reinforcement or to find sections that relate to where they are in the process. I’d definitely give this to anyone I knew who was in a period of grief.”


“Empathic and compassionate, A Beautiful Grief is highly recommended.”
– The Midwest Book Review


An Artistic Painting of Real Grief
“These 24 highly readable chapters offer hope and direction for grieving people and inspiration for the professionals and volunteers who care for grieving people. Her writing paints colorfully on the canvas of a bereaved heart, creatively addressing the questions with which grieving people struggle but about which they are often afraid to speak. Be assured this book portrays a solid, positive message about growth through grief.

“My favorite story from the book concerns Bentley, the Eckls’ 14-month old standard poodle whose life was turned upside down by Stephen’s death. Cheryl describes his response to the loss of his ‘alpha male’ in terms with which animal lovers will resonate. But my favorite lines from the book come early: ‘I’m beginning to notice a new aspect of grief. It’s a constant dance between claiming the present and letting go of the past. My mother reminded me last night that time is a great healer. But I don’t think it’s actually time itself that heals. It’s what we do with the time.’ ” – Bill Hoy, Association of Death Education & Counseling


A Beautiful Book for Those Who Grieve or Know Someone Who Is Grieving
“I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in practice for 40 years. After my husband died, I probably read at least 40 books on grief. They were a comfort and helped me to understand better what was going on within me. Cheryl’s books, both of them, are important to me during my grief journey and I will be recommending them to clients when I return to my work. A Beautiful Grief is a series of meditations that can be read in any order and read many times. Each one is sacred, gentle, helpful, wise, enlightening and more. Grief is a teacher that transforms us if we allow that and if we do our grief work. This beautiful book is a tool, a teacher, you will find insightful and inspiring. You will use it often. I highly recommend A Beautiful Grief.”
– Mary Friedel-Hunt


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