The Ancients and the Call book cover

The Ancients and The Call

Twin Flames of Éire Book One

Great Masters of Light have called twin flames to reunion. Do Sarah and Kevin love enough to answer the call?

These twin flames thought they had resolved their differences last summer in the luminous atmosphere of Éire. But that healing experience was only the beginning. For now they know that love can be lost—even when you have mystical powers, as they did in their lifetime as the first-century Irish druids, Alana and Ah-Lahn.

Will they rise above the forces in this life that threaten to separate them forever? Will they escape the treachery of their old nemesis, Arán Bán? Will they fulfill their commission from the resplendent Master Saint Germain who calls them to return to Ireland, merge with their past attainment, and unleash the power of twin flames united for a cosmic purpose?

“If you love enough, you can do anything,” says the Master. Sarah and Kevin are determined to prove him right.

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