The Weaving book cover

The Weaving

A Novel of Twin Flames Through Time

Sarah and Kevin are twin flames—two souls created as one in the beginning. They recognized their connection within minutes of meeting at a party neither had wanted to attend, and soon vowed to stay together forever.

But now, seven years later, they are on the verge of losing each other—and not for the first time. For, as they discover through dreams and visions, their shared embodiments were often scarred by painful separation.

Will they overcome the karma that has kept them apart in the past? Will they learn the spiritual lessons that have eluded them lifetime after lifetime?

Hope lies in the numinous land of Éire, where memories of past lives slip easily into the minds of souls whose ancient love brought them together on Atlantis, in Pharaoh’s 18th-dynasty court, and as first-century Irish druids.

Will Sarah and Kevin find a way to reconcile past and present to escape a future neither of them wants? Only going back in time will tell.

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