The Mystics and the Mystery book cover

The Mystics and The Mystery

Twin Flames of Éire Book Three

The path of reunion for twin flames has never been more perilous than for gifted seers, Debbie Conroy and Jeremy Madden.

Debbie’s clairvoyance has brought her many blessings. Jeremy’s brought him only nightmares and grief—except for one miraculous childhood encounter with a compassionate Wisdom Master.

Will Jeremy overcome his fear of seeing and open his heart to Debbie? Or must she surrender her visions of the love they shared in past lives for the sake of his soul?

In this dramatic conclusion to the Twin Flames of Éire Trilogy, modern-day mystics come together with angels and ascended masters to confront the curse on Debbie and Jeremy and battle wicked foes of the Friends of Ancient Wisdom.

Will Love’s victory be won at last? Like the secrets hidden in Egypt’s pyramids or locked in Éire’s ancient stones, therein lies the Mystery.

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