A Beautiful Grief book cover

A Beautiful Grief

Reflections on Letting Go

Silver Award Winner – Nautilus Books Awards – Grieving/Death & Dying Category
Writer’s Digest – Spirituality/Inspirational First Place Winner

I have always considered this book a miracle in how it seemed to create itself. I had not set out to write another book. Instead, I was blogging for the Psychology Today website. The chapters collected here emerged from that inspiration.

As I chronicled experiences throughout the second year after my beloved Stephen’s passing, I learned important lessons. Most essentially— when faced with a serious loss, what makes us strong and whole is not ignoring or shutting away the pain. Even though at times we do not know how to carry on, we are called to love our way through to grief’s natural conclusion.

In this easy-to-read bedside book, I speak of self-compassion, strength and hope along with moments of understanding and renewal. And I encourage you to nurture your own insights, open your broken heart to the possibility of joy, and perhaps entertain fresh adventure as you journey through your own process of naturally letting go.

A perfect gift for those in the early days of grief.

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